Make Referrals with Ease and Accuracy

  1. Enter your email and your referral’s name and email.
  2. Pick the category and course for your referral.
  3. Preview/edit when it looks good, hit send.

What to Expect

Both you and the referral will get a copy with customized enrollment link(s) that select the assigned course(s) and you as the referring counselor. This, of course, reduces the opportunity for mistakes and ensures a seamless experience.

Embeddable Links

Generate one or more custom embeddable links by selecting “EMBED” once your selections are made.  From there, click “copy” to obtain the code, ready to be integrated into your website.

Please be aware that you can include additional provider options in edit mode. However, as of June 1, 2023, DOT SAP Guidelines do not require you to do so.

Reference: The Substance Abuse Professional Guidelines, “THE REFERRAL PROCESS” page 10.